wianki Fabrics
koronki zdobione Laces with motives
Koronki bez zdobień Laces without motives
Taśmy zdobione Trimmings with motives
Taśmy bez zdobień Trimmings without motives
Taśmy z kamieniami Beaded trimmings
aplikacje Motives
przody z kamieniami Fronts with Stones
galanteria Accessories

Wholesaler - importer of fabrics and wedding accessories

Since 1990 our company has both imported and exported fabrics for wedding and carnival gowns. Our offer consists of fabrics from all over the world.
We are only agent and representatives for many of them.
We are interested in cooperation with companies from Europe and Asia, which are fabrics, wedding accessories, first communion and carnival gowns producers.

In our offer we have a wide range of following products:

  • Satins of different thickness and various colours
  • Tulle
  • Taffetas
  • Laces and gipiurs
  • Organzas
  • Embroideries
  • Ribbons
  • Applications
  • Artificial flowers

We also offer other fabrics and wedding accessories. Our company cooperates with about 2000 producers of wedding and carnival gowns both in Poland and abroad.